This is a python 3.8 project.

In general, you can install the scripts from Pypi by run python -m pip install ifiscripts on Windows or python3 -m pip install ifiscripts on Mac OS.

You can also clone or download the whole repository ( and run the scripts from your cloned path. In the Irish Film Institute, on linux, Mac OS and Windows, we create a folder in the home directory called ifigit, then we run git clone Then we add the ifiscripts folder to $PATH which allows us to access the scripts from any directory, not just ifigit/ifiscripts.

However some folks just cd into the cloned repository and run the scripts from there, for example to run you might run: python path/

External dependencies are listed below, but lxml is the main python library that must be installed for most scripts. pip install lxml should work fine.

External Dependencies

There are some external subprocess dependencies for most of the scripts. The most frequently used ones are:

  • ffmpeg

  • ffprobe

  • mediainfo

but the following are also needed for many scripts:

  • mkvpropedit (installed via mkvtoolnix)

  • siegfried aka sf

  • exiftool

  • git

  • clairmeta (this requires other dependencies -

  • qcli

  • openssl

  • rsync

  • gcp (installed via gnu-coreutils on OSX)

  • rawcooked

  • 7zip aka 7za aka p7zip-full

  • md5deep

  • mediaconch

Specific Instructions - Windows

Specific Instructions - Ubuntu

A lot of these can be installed on Ubuntu with a single line: sudo apt update && sudo apt install python3-pip ffmpeg mkvtoolnix exiftool git md5deep p7zip-full

In order to add the rest, refer to the installation instructions of the relevant tools. For mediaarea tools, it can be easiest to use their own snapshot repository:

wget && sudo dpkg -i repo-mediaarea-snapshots_1.0-13_all.deb && sudo apt update && sudo apt install mediainfo dvrescue qcli rawcooked mediaconch

Using pip/

the following is currently experimental, but it should work fine:

You can get a selection of scripts by making sure that pip installed, then running: pip install ifiscripts or cd into the ifiscripts cloned folder and run pip install .

You may need to run the pip commands with sudo.

The pip installation methods have the added benefit of installing the python dependencies such as lxml.