The majority of the code in this repository is written by Kieran O’Leary, but it is the product of many years of research by the staff within the Irish Film Institute. The actual code contributors can be seen here.

Past and present staff members who have contributed in one way shape or form to this project are [in NO order]:

Anja Mahler, Raelene Casey, Kasandra O’Connell, Kieran O’Leary, Eoin O’Donohoe, Aoife Fitzmaurice, Brian Cash, Columb Gilna, Manus McManus, Gavin Martin, Felix Meehan, Fiona Rigney, Michael Ryan, Dean Kavanagh, Sunniva O’Flynn, Eilís Ní Raghallaigh, Joanne Carroll, Karen Wall, Rebecca Grant, Simon Factor, Aaron Healy.

The project is very much inspired by the work of Dave Rice, particularly the makelossless script within mediamicroservices.

Other key external people who have contributed (the scripts would not be as they are without these people) in one way shape or form, whether they realise it or not are in NO order :

Ashley Blewer, Piaras Hoban, Reto Kromer, Dave Rice, Jerome Martinez, Peter Bubestinger, Maureen Callaghan, Peggy Griesinger, Kara Van Malssen, Lauren Sorenson, Kate Murray, Misty de Meo, Carl Eugen Hoyos, Michael Niedermayer, Vittorio Giovara, Kieran Kunhya, Stephen McConnachie, Edward Anderson, Peter Ross, Nick Krabbenhoeft, Andy Jackson, David Underdown, Rebecca Grant, Sandra Collins, Ana Ribieiro, Patricia Falcao, Fergus O’Connor, Ben Fino-Radin, Michael Campos-Quinn, Mike Casey, Charles Hosale, Ben Turkus, Kelly Haydon, Micky Lindner, Alessandra Luciano, Jonáš Svatoš, Andrew Weaver, Libby Hopfauf, Bleakely McDowell, Siobhan C Hagan, Somaya Langley, Alexander Ivash, Moritz Barsnick, Moritz Bunkus, Mary Kidd, Elizabeth England, Zeranoe, Eddy Colloton, Ethan Gates, Savannah Campbell, Vicky Philips, Adam Lott, Yvonne Ng, Erwin Verbruggen, Carl Fleischauer, Lorena Ramirez-Lopez, Dinah Handel, Jim Linder, Tim Walsh, Johan van der Knijff, Donal Foreman, Jenny Hunt, John Warburton, Mark Philips, Steve Lhomme, Brendan Coates, Morgan Oscar Morel, Andreas Romeyke, Marion Jaks, Hermann Lewetz, Joshua Ng, Derek Buitenhuis, Tod Robbins, Katherine Frances Nagels, Jim Sam, Genevieve Havermayer-King, Jenny Mitcham, Brian tvc15, Zach Kelling, Ian Easton, Denis Warburton, Kathryn Gronsbell, Kathryn Cassidy, Stuart Kenny, Richard Lehane, Paul B Mahol, Jonathan Farbowitz, Treasa Harkin, Ed Summers, Justin Simpson, oioiiooixiii, Shira Peltzman, Dolores Grant, Bertram Lyons, The Great Bear, Big Bear, Se Merry Doyle, Eugene Finn, Jaime Mears, Richard Wright, Brecht Declercq, Nicole Martin, Rebecca Fraimow, John Resig, Casey Davis Kaufman, Charles Poynton, Michael Dineen, Mark Piggot, Emily Boylan, David O’Leary, Andrew Reid, John Gunn, Kai Man Wong, Lok Cheung.

Note: The original markdown documentation template was copied from mediamicroservices

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